About us

We are an action agency working on the long term systemic change of society.

Orcca works towards a sustainable world, in the visionary context set by the Limits to Growth report of the Club or Rome (1972), which is increasingly relevant. It is led by experienced visionary thinkers with a knack for realizing true change, supported by a multidisciplinary team of scientists, entrepreneurs, and designers.

Orcca applies a systems approach and works across boundaries of policy, business, design, engineering, and science. Our core values are courage, persistence, transparency, and imagination.

Orcca is an ambitious and sometimes rebellious agenda setter, navigator, developer, and connector. Orcca shapes innovative sustainable futures and directs joint efforts. We share knowledge and establish new dialogues with indispensable shared visions and action perspectives, resulting in new coalitions of partners, and concrete projects that drive the change towards an equitable, resilient, and sustainable future.

Orcca is a joint venture between two powerhouses of sustainable development.

Wouter van Dieren, with his organization Inis Vitrin.

  • Member of Club of Rome
  • Member of World Academy of Art & Science
  • Experience since 1970
  • Inis Vitrin’s team of 7 changemakers
  • Network of hundreds of captains of industry, policymakers, and entrepreneurs

Tom Bosschaert, with his organization Except Integrated Sustainability.

  • Sustainable entrepreneur since 1999
  • Founder of the Utrecht Community (UCo) center of sustainable entrepreneurship
  • Author of the Symbiosis in Development (SiD) framework for systemic sustainable development
  • Except’s team of 15 sustainability researchers, designers, and developers
  • Network of hundreds of parties in development and governance